Hello, I am studying computer science at the University of Maryland and have been doing undergraduate research with the PINAFORE group (PI: Jordan Boyd-Graber, Advisor: Denis Peskov). I am interested in natural language processing, reinforcement learning, and user interface creation. I plan to graduate with a CMSC major (machine learning specialization) and a minor in robotics and autonomous systems.

Hi again,

Recent Work

Frequently Used Languages

I use Python, C, and Google Apps Script most often for work and school.

Web Dev
I have developed websites with HTML, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, and MaterializeCSS and Bootstrap. I enjoy working with APIs like Wikipedia and Google Suites.

I have worked with Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator to develop a number of logos, miscellaneous art, and site designs.

Machine Learning

I have read books like Deep Learning with Python, Introduction to Reinforcement Learning (Sutton and Barto), and An Introduction to Information Theory. I enjoy experimenting with RL problems and hope to eventually apply what I learn to space travel, space mining, and planetary development.

Other languages, tools, and libraries I have worked with

PHP, MySQL, Bash, Objective-C, C++, C#, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, Visual Studio, VS Code, Atom, Juptyper Notebook(s), Google Colab, XCode, MAMP, SQLPro, PHPMyAdmin, Unity, GDrive Scripting Environment, Mongo DB, discord.js, discord.py, Swift, Clasp, NPM,... and a bunch of others :)


Currently working on:

Diplomacy Bot Changes V2

Built Spring 2021

As an extension to my last extension of the Discord bot, I implemented a bunch of new features. See my change report here.

Advised by Denis Peskov, Jordan Boyd-Graber

Diplomacy Bot Changes

Built (Fall 2020)

An extension to recent Diplomacy work (ACL Paper), I worked on a Discord bot which facilitates player communication. I implemented a lie detection model to display predictions to players (model created by Denis Peskov). My change report can be seen here.

Advised by Denis Peskov, Jordan Boyd-Graber

Modulation data collection site

Built Fall 2020

A website built for a NLP project to collect data from users answering analogy questions while being provided with Wikipedia autocomplete suggestions. It makes use of the Wikipedia autocomplete API.

Built for Denis Peskov


Built Fall 2020

Dither is a 2D puzzle game made for ENGL290, one of my UMD courses. You play as a computer processor moving around to solve logical puzzles.

TRS Website

Built Fall 2020

A pretty basic responsive website I built for TRS.

My Website

Built Fall 2020

A pretty basic responsive website I built for myself. I recently switched to Jekyll for content management instead of a Python script I wrote which produced HTML.

Simple Continuous Neural Cross-Entropy in Project Malmo

Built Summer 2020

A draft of a video describing the training process of a simple (Pytorch) deep learning agent in Project Malmo I created for some advisors (Christopher Kok, Ignacio Raposo) from Chronic Coder Academy over the summer after highschool. After reading Intro to RL by Sutton and Barto and some of Deep RL Hands On I wanted to apply RL to a simple situation in project Malmo. I used this videomaking process to learn Blender and Manim (3b1b's animation library).

Teacher Recommender System (TRS)

Built Spring 2019-Present

TRS is as an end-to-end service to complete the process of matching students with their teacher recommenders for college. A couple thousands lines of Google Apps Script generate forms, send emails, make matches, and generate data reports. The Alpha version of TRS was sold in 2019 and a much improved version has been published here on the Google Workspace Marketplace. The codebase makes use of scriplets, HTMLService, frontend/backend javascript/GAS, and various other GAS features. The frontend and website are built with MaterializeCSS.

1000+ lines of code

NPTG Code Base

Built Spring 2019

A backend/business logic codebase of PHP functions for my highschool 'natural plant teaching gardens' website. Using Composer and Google Sheets API, data stored in the Sheet is accessed and displayed in the site. Users can search through plants using a simple custom engine relying on Levenstein word distances. Curl search protocol is used to scrape and save images of new plants added to the database. The frontend is still under development, but you can see a functional demo here: demo.

1000+ lines of code

Heart Heist

Built Summer 2018

A simple top down shooter game I wrote in XCode. Music and art made in Gravit Designer and Garage Band. Unfortunately, it is no longer on the App Store :(. Some of the textures were generated by scripts I wrote in Java.

1000+ lines of code